Slide Fire SSAK-47 HYB AKM

Slide Fire SSAK-47 HYB AKM

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Personalize the look and fit of your AK by installing your favorite mil-spec AR-15 stock. An interchangeable pistol grip mount allows for installation of either AK or AR pistol grips, while the reversible finger rest allows for use by both left and right handed shooters. The new chassis system is aircraft grade aluminum, precision machined in order to maintain a smooth sliding action while minimizing excess play. The SSAK-47® HYB utilizes an interface block featuring an ambidextrous QD swivel mount.

Most stamped Receivers.
Will not fit milled receivers or under-folders.
Some Sling Plates may not be compatible.

SSAK-47®HYB Chassis
M4 Stock and A2 Pistol Grip

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